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From Oliver Cook <>
Subject mod_vhost_alias and mod_suexec
Date Mon, 04 May 2009 16:49:01 GMT

I have a requirement to host tens of thousands of virtual hosts under
Apache2, whilst providing security to each through the use of

Using standard virtual hosts is not suitable in my environment due to
the memory footprint of httpd when running with thousands of virtual
hosts and the increasing restart time. However, without discrete
<VirtualHost> configuration directives per virtual host, I am
naturally not able to use SuexecUserGroup to describe the user and
group to run as.

Therefore I have been looking for a module / patch that makes
available the functionality of mod_suexec through mod_vhost_alias,
perhaps mapping from a hostname to a UID and GID from a DBM map. So
far, I have found mod_cgiwrap (
but unfortunately, that is discontinued and in any case supported only
Apache 1.3 not 2.0, nor 2.2.

Before I start getting my hands dirty with the Apache source I wanted
to check on this list whether any of the readership is aware of either
a) modules that support the functionality I describe above, or b)
whether there are other secure solutions to achieve my goals.

With thanks,


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