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From Chuck Stein <>
Subject shared memory strategy
Date Sat, 30 May 2009 00:14:41 GMT
I need to manage number of varying sized files in shared memory in my 
custom Apache module.  Which would be more desirable, compatible, and 
efficient with the server:
  1) create a max_size shared memory segment and manage my files inside 
of it.  This would likely involve garbage collection and moving files 
around in shared memory as some go out and others come in.
  2) create a separate shared memory segment for each file and manage 
the base addresses in another shared memory area.  This sounds simpler.  
Is there a problem or much overhead with creating a number of shared 
memory segments?  Is there a limit to the number I can create?

Also, is there a shared memory resize routine?  I saw 
apr_shm_realloc_chunk() somewhere on the web but not in the main 


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