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From "Michele Waldman" <>
Subject Using httpd.conf and htaccess
Date Tue, 05 May 2009 21:14:18 GMT
I want to get some configuration variables from httpd.conf and .htaccess for


static const command_rec digest_cmds[] =


    AP_INIT_TAKE1("AuthName", set_realm, NULL, OR_AUTHCFG,

     "The authentication realm (e.g. \"Members Only\")"),

    AP_INIT_ITERATE("AuthDigestProvider", add_authn_provider, NULL,

                     "specify the auth providers for a directory or

    AP_INIT_ITERATE("AuthDigestQop", set_qop, NULL, OR_AUTHCFG,

     "A list of quality-of-protection options"),

    AP_INIT_TAKE1("AuthDigestNonceLifetime", set_nonce_lifetime, NULL,

     "Maximum lifetime of the server nonce (seconds)"),

    AP_INIT_TAKE1("AuthDigestNonceFormat", set_nonce_format, NULL,

     "The format to use when generating the server nonce"),

    AP_INIT_FLAG("AuthDigestNcCheck", set_nc_check, NULL, OR_AUTHCFG,

     "Whether or not to check the nonce-count sent by the client"),

    AP_INIT_TAKE1("AuthDigestAlgorithm", set_algorithm, NULL, OR_AUTHCFG,

     "The algorithm used for the hash calculation"),

    AP_INIT_ITERATE("AuthDigestDomain", set_uri_list, NULL, OR_AUTHCFG,

     "A list of URI's which belong to the same protection space as the
current URI"),

    AP_INIT_TAKE1("AuthDigestShmemSize", set_shmem_size, NULL, RSRC_CONF,

     "The amount of shared memory to allocate for keeping track of

    AP_INIT_TAKE1("AuthMySQLUser", ap_set_string_slot,

      (void *) APR_OFFSETOF(digest_config_rec, dbc_username),

      OR_AUTHCFG, "DB Username"),




In httpd.conf

<IfModule mod_auth_digest.c>

 <Location />

  AuthMySqlUser itweenz0




In .htaccess:

<Files login.php> 

AuthType Digest

AuthName "account"

AuthUserFile /path/.htpasswd

Require valid-user



When I don't use AuthMySQLUser in httpd.conf, the AuthName from .htaccess is
defined fine.  But, when I specify the AuthMySQLUser in httpd.conf, the
AuthMySqlUser is specified from httpd.conf, but the AuthName is not set from


How do I get the configuration variables to come from httpd.conf and
.htaccess at the same time?






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