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From Erik Westland <>
Subject Input filter to process POST variables (e.g. mod_form)
Date Sun, 22 Mar 2009 03:22:52 GMT

I am writing an output filter that needs to record request (headers and POST/GET vars) and
response data (status and content-length). I was planning to write an input filter to capture/relay
the POST/GET data (via "r->notes") to an output filter for processing.

It seems that "mod_form" (see: does the parameter processing,
but comes with the following ominous caveat:
"mod_form works with GET but is largely untested under POST, and appears to have problems
with POST and HTTP Keepalive. That will be fixed, but it's not currently a priority."

Q: Does anyone know if this is safe to use? Their support page lists mod_form as: "unlikely
to represent value to you."

Q: Is there another alternative to writing my own? If not, any idea what the keepalive issue

Q:  Apache processes variables in the URL (parses into r->args) during POST requests, but
the mod_form implementation doesn't look for r->args when handling POST requests. Is this
disallowed/discouraged in the spec or an oversight in the implementation?



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