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From Andrej van der Zee <>
Subject Re: child_init for threads?
Date Thu, 19 Mar 2009 06:35:52 GMT

> Note that there is a difference between the apr_thread_data_*() methods and
> the apr_threadkey_private_*() methods. The apr_thread_data_*() methods
> actually associate your data with the thread->pool. Since each new apr
> thread has it's own private thread->pool everything should work fine.
> The apr_threadkey_private_*() methods use the underlying thread libraries
> TLS routines.
> While apr_thread_data_* may work for you, true TLS is only supplied by
> apr_threadkey_private_* routines.

Thanks, that's clear! In my case the apr-thread based suffices, I
hope. But I realize now that it is difficult or impossible to get the
apr_thread_t data from the current thread in an Apache module (for
threaded MPMs). Is this possible to do this somehow? For example, does
this work:

apr_os_thread_t os_thd = apr_os_thread_current ();
apr_thread_t *apr_thd;
apr_status_t apr_os_thread_put(&apr_thd, &os_thd, r->pool);

And what would this do in an MPM prefork?

Or maybe there is some better technique?

Thank you!

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