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From Joe Lewis <>
Subject Re: Set-Cookie
Date Thu, 26 Mar 2009 15:34:16 GMT
Marco Spinetti wrote:
> Thanks very much.
> So I have to use:
> apr_table_add(r->headers_out, "Set-Cookie", co);
> apr_table_add(r->headers_out, "Set-Cookie", co1);

Rather than playing with a proxy or fireway gateway that could remove 
one of your set cookie headers (because you have multiple), you may want 
to combine the cookies into one.  See the Message Headers section for 
more information :

> Best regards.
> Marco
> Rainer Jung ha scritto:
>> On 26.03.2009 10:07, Marco Spinetti wrote:
>>> Ok, I have to use apr_table_add instead od apr_table_set.
>>> So I should write:
>>> apr_table_add(r->headers_out, "Set-Cookie", co);
>>> apr_table_add(r->headers_out, "Set-Cookie", co1);
>>> If I write:
>>> apr_table_set(r->headers_out, "Set-Cookie", co);
>>> apr_table_merge(r->headers_out, "Set-Cookie", co1);
>>> is it right?
>>> What are the differences between the two approches? browser 
>>> compatibility?
>>> Best regards
>>> Marco
>> Whether to merge or add
>> depends on whether you need the various (header) values to get 
>> concatenated with ", " in between and the header send only once, or 
>> you want the headers multiple times, each time with a different value.
>> What's right depends on the spec that defines the header. Set-Cookie 
>> requires the header once for each cookie to set.
>> Regards,
>> Rainer

Joe Lewis
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