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From Saju Pillai <>
Subject Re: child_init for threads?
Date Thu, 19 Mar 2009 06:25:46 GMT
Andrej van der Zee wrote:
> Hi,
> Thanks, that helps!
> Since I am developing my modules in C++, I think I should be using this one:
> apr_status_t apr_thread_data_set  	(  	void *   	 data,
> 		const char *  	key,
> 		apr_status_t(*)(void *)  	cleanup,
> 		apr_thread_t *  	thread	
> 	)

Note that there is a difference between the apr_thread_data_*() methods 
and the apr_threadkey_private_*() methods. The apr_thread_data_*() 
methods actually associate your data with the thread->pool. Since each 
new apr thread has it's own private thread->pool everything should work 

The apr_threadkey_private_*() methods use the underlying thread 
libraries TLS routines.

While apr_thread_data_* may work for you, true TLS is only supplied by 
apr_threadkey_private_* routines.
> If I understand correctly, I can pass my own cleanup function (calling
> "delete" to free memory) which is called automatically when the thread
> is destroyed by the APR framework. Would that be the way, or am I
> still misunderstanding something?

This is correct. cleanup is a ptr to a function that gets passed a 
pointer to your data. You can choose to dealloc your data within this 


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