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From Saju Pillai <>
Subject Re: custom background thread and module sharing a data structure
Date Fri, 13 Mar 2009 15:41:52 GMT
Andrej van der Zee wrote:
> Hi Saju,
> For the worker mpm, both cross thread and cross process protection will be
>> needed. apr_proc_mutex.h family supplies cross-process protection,
>> apr_thread_mutex.h provides cross thread protection.
>> You "locking" method would be a wrapper method that first obtains a process
>> level lock, and then inside that lock it obtains a thread level lock.
> In my specific case, do I really need thread-level locking in addition to
> process-level locking? Since I am running a background thread that is
> started in post_config(), worker-threads in the mpm worker model are running
> in a different process then my background thread anyway. So I guess
> process-level locking should suffice, or am I overlooking something?

Worker mpm is a multithreaded, multiprocess mpm. Multiple child 
processes host multiple worker threads that run your module code.

If your module services 2 concurrent requests in 2 different threads in 
the same process and both the threads need to access critical code at 
the same time, you will have to use thread locking to prevent race 

re: Using non APR locking mechanisms - sure they will work as long as 
you are using compatible mechanisms (like if apr_threads is based on 
pthreads, the alternate locking mechanism should work with pthreads).


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