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From Saju Pillai <>
Subject Re: handling client abort instantly?
Date Thu, 05 Mar 2009 15:36:28 GMT
Frank Meier wrote:

> thanks for your replies, I tried the use of bucketbrigades as Chris 
> Kukuchka suggested. Unfortunately this lead  to the same behaviour.
> I also tried the *hack* approach (accessing the socket directly), where 
> I had the problem of getting to the socket itself. I didn't understand 
> how I could use ap_filter_t->ctx since I don't know what is stored 

For the top level network filter 'ctx' is a core_net_rec (httpd.h) object.

My version of httpd.h has this definition.

typedef struct core_net_rec {
     /** Connection to the client */
     apr_socket_t *client_socket;

     /** connection record */
     conn_rec *c;

     core_output_filter_ctx_t *out_ctx;
     core_ctx_t *in_ctx;
} core_net_rec;

> there, but I used "ap_get_module_config" which should also get me to the 
> socket. right?
> struct apr_socket_t *client_socket = 
> ap_get_module_config(r->connection->conn_config, &core_module);

Ok, this looks like a far saner way to get to the client socket than the 
hack I suggested.

> int rv = read(client_socket->socketdes, dummyBuf, len);
> but rv is always 0 (if len is 0) / -1 (if len > 0) and errno is 2 (No 
> such file or directory)

Very interesting, don't have a clue why you are seeing this though. I 
don't think read() is even supposed to return ENOENT. is a manpage 
for read() on solaris 9. No ENOENT here. What does your manpage say ?

> I think my next step is to implement a test module myself to verify this 
> strange behaviour and also test it on another OS (linux) since Solaris 
> sometimes does strange things.

That would be the way to go.


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