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From "Alexander Hjalmarsson" <>
Subject RE: path problem
Date Sun, 22 Mar 2009 21:05:52 GMT
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From: Sorin Manolache [] 
Sent: den 22 mars 2009 19:57
Subject: Re: path problem

On Sun, Mar 22, 2009 at 11:24, Alexander Hjalmarsson <> wrote:
> Hi!
> I want to get the path in a module I've created but I have some kind of
> problem with it. It just works like the ordinary "pwd", and in 30% of the
> cases it works like it should, but in the rest, it doesn't return anything
> at all.
> if ((buffad = (char *)malloc((size_t)sizead)) != NULL)
>   ptrad = getcwd(buffad, (size_t)sizead);
> That is the call that is made, and buffed is a char *, as well as ptrad.
> sizead is a long.
> Can this be a problem with permissions or something? The only cases that
> do work for is when theres a more advanced script that is called, such as
> forum or a blog (phpbb or wordpress in example). For normal, static html
> pages, it just returns "/" instead of the real path.
> I've checked all the paths by writing each request to a file so I manually
> can check them. I can't see why it should have anything to do with
> permissions, but since it does work in some cases but not all, that's my
> first thought.
> I would love all kind of help here! Feel free to ask anything, I'll try to
> answer as good as I can!
> I've tried on all kind of forums, irc-networks and mailing lists with no
> luck, but I guess this is the "right" place :)


getcwd returns the working directory of the apache process. It has
nothing to do with modules.

A process may work in any directory. If, after it starts running, the
process performs a chdir(whatever_existing_dir) system call, all
subsequent calls to getcwd will return whatever_existing_dir. You can
see the working directory of a process with process ID x by running

ls -l /proc/x/cwd

Which path do you want to get? The path of the served file?


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I'm sorry if I wasn't clear with my question! I want the path of the served
file and the problem is that it doesn't always returns the correct path,
sometimes it just returns "/".

In example, if the served file is, the path should be
/www/domain/a/b/c/abc/htdocs/index.html, but then without the index.html,
since the directory path is just /www/domain/a/b/c/abc/htdocs/. That is the
structure I have now, but in most cases it doesn't work. As I said before,
it looks like it works more often with forum software and blog software then
static content or non-complex php-scripts. I would really love to solve
this, so thank you for answering so far:)

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