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From Dave Ingram <>
Subject Re: mod_vhost_dbd
Date Sun, 15 Feb 2009 20:47:38 GMT
Jorge Bastos wrote:
> Hi again Dave,
> Your is better than dbd!
Thanks -- it's always nice to be appreciated. Let me know if you hit any
problems, as I don't have the resources to test it in lots of different

> I just see a problem for me, I have the need to tune values for php
> configuration, for example:
> Vhost 1, needs register_globals off (php_admin_value register_globals off)
> Vhost 2, needs register_globals on  (php_admin_value register_globals on)
> This is something that won't be possible at the moment.
> Did you ever think in a way to make this possible?
This is possible using mod_sqltemplate. Suppose in your database, you
have a "php_register_globals" column, which is either "On" or "Off".
Then this will work:

<SQLRepeat ".... blah sql to select virtualhosts... ">
<VirtualHost *:80>
# ...
php_flag register_globals ${php_register_globals}
# ...

> When I say this values for php, it may happen that other ones appear.
You can use a similar method for any directives. You can even have fully
custom directives:

<VirtualHost *:80>

In this case, the "custom" column can contain anything from an empty
string to a single directive, to a set of directives.

Does this help?

> Another question, when I delete/create a record in the DB, it's required a
> apache restart or it knows when a request is done?
You can tell Apache to perform a config reload (e.g. via apache2ctl
graceful), which will force the configuration to be re-read from the


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