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From "Michele Waldman" <>
Subject RE: Need help with --activate-module
Date Thu, 05 Feb 2009 22:40:01 GMT
Maybe, I'm not on the right forum.  I posted and go no response.

I guess that's ok.  I got mod_auth_digest authenticating against mysql
working.  I need to make it prettier.  I didn't want to disturb the existing
code, so I was super cautious.  My only issue now if changing the password.
There was an issue with using httpd.conf and the existing data structure.
I'll have to revisit it at a later date.

Does anyone know of a forum where I can address intermediate to advance
htaccess issues?


-----Original Message-----
From: Saju Pillai [] 
Sent: Thursday, February 05, 2009 6:29 AM
Subject: Re: Need help with --activate-module

Shibu Narendranathan wrote:
> Hi All,
> I am trying to implement a proprietary encryption mechanism on an
> existing apache server.
> What is desired is the following. 
> Client                                Server
> ------------------------------|-----------------------------------------
> ----
> 1) sends a binary message to  | 1) receives and 
>    port80 (key Xchange msg)-> |    a) Checks if it is a normal http msg
>                               |       If yes, continue the normal way.
>                               |    b) Checks if it is a binary message
>                               |       (Let's assume it has a marker, say
>                               |        first 4 chars are FFFF)
>                               |       If yes, then return a response
> right
>    receive response (binary)  | <---  away & keep the connection open
> for more
>                               |       messages, which will be decrypted
> by the
>                               |       module and given to rest of layers
> (as if
>                               |       it were normal HTTP message).
>                               |
>   send encrypted message -->  |       The new module decrypts it and
> passes to
>   (binary)                    |       rest of the layers.

Look at mod_echo.c, available in the default src tarballs for httpd-2 to 
see how a new/custom protocol is handled.

You may also want to look at mod_ssl to see how it decrypts HTTP 
messages and makes it available to apache.


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