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From Sander Temme <>
Subject Re: multiple processes: but one module init needed
Date Sun, 25 Jan 2009 16:31:33 GMT

On Jan 25, 2009, at 12:35 AM, wrote:

> some of the initialization tasks of my module must not be
> done repeatedly with each spawned server process.
> Currently I init my module by ap_hook_child_init() and do
> cleaning up by apr_pool_cleanup_register(), so each spawned
> server process inits my module again.


for an example.  The post_config hook is where you want to put your  
stuff, but yes it does get called twice so you may want to use the  
construction in the example module to avoid reallocating certain items.

> Do I have to do IPC between my modules (to figure out if the
> currently loaded module is in the *first* of the spawend
> processes)?

No, just put your init code in the right hook.



Sander Temme
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