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From "Sorin Manolache" <>
Subject Re: Forcing additional headers with Location: redirect
Date Wed, 07 Jan 2009 07:59:02 GMT
On Wed, Jan 7, 2009 at 07:14, Juhani Connolly <> wrote:
> I'm currently working on modifying a php based application into an apache
> module.
> The short of it is that I want to send a Location header with a 0 content
> length message and headers for cache-control and pragma.
> Setting the headers, and returning HTTP_MOVED_TEMPORARILY the additional
> headers are stripped and the default message is sent.
> Using ErrorDocument in my httpd.conf to use a 0 length file, the content
> length is correctly set to 0, but even the Location header gets stripped.
> I am pretty sure the cause of my issue is unrelated to the additional
> headers, just needing me to send no content which is confusing the problem
> handsets. How can I cause this behaviour?
> For anyone interested, the background of the situation, some source after
> the background:
> In addition to logging an access to an image, this module will redirect the
> request based on some parameters to a different server. The php version
> would send Location, pragma: no-cache, cache-control: no-cache,
> must-revalidate and 0 content length, which worked perfectly for all
> clients.
> Within the module I have set the location header as well as the pragma and
> cache-control, however only the location will go through, and the default
> 302 message is sent. This is not generally a problem, except for with one of
> the local mobile phone handset manufacturers which fails to redirect the
> image correctly claiming a bad image.
> Thus I am attempting to emulate the behaviour of the php, being unsure of
> which part is causing the problem. Most likely it would be the content being
> sent confusing the handset. Honestly I'd like to just ignore the particular
> manufacturer, but this is not an option.
> Some source(stripped down to the essentials... In the actual version there's
> error handling and whatnot):
> curl_easy_setopt(hCurl, CURLOPT_URL, adUrl);  // url to get the redirect
> location from
> curl_easy_setopt(hCurl, CURLOPT_WRITEDATA, &outUrl);
> curl_easy_setopt(hCurl, CURLOPT_WRITEFUNCTION, outUrlWrite);
> if(curl_easy_perform(hCurl) == 0)
> {
>  apr_table_setn(r->headers_out, "Location", outUrl);
> }
> r->content_type = CONTENT_TYPE_MOBILE;
> apr_table_setn(r->headers_out, "Cache-Control", "no-cache,
> must-revalidate");
> apr_table_setn(r->headers_out, "Pragma", "no-cache");
> curl_easy_cleanup(hCurl);

Use r->err_headers_out instead of r->headers_out. If it does not work,
there's a longer and more complicated solution based on
insert_error_filter. Come back for details if err_headers_out does not
solve the problem.


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