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From "" <>
Subject multiple processes: but one module init needed
Date Sun, 25 Jan 2009 08:35:29 GMT
Hi all,

some of the initialization tasks of my module must not be
done repeatedly with each spawned server process.

Currently I init my module by ap_hook_child_init() and do
cleaning up by apr_pool_cleanup_register(), so each spawned
server process inits my module again.

Do I have to do IPC between my modules (to figure out if the
currently loaded module is in the *first* of the spawend

Or are there any hints from apache's framework (like a
numbering for spawned processes my module is in) ? Querying
the child's pids does not help to be unique.

Best would be something like am extra hook for a module's
initialization/clean up once-per-apache-start resp. stop.

Thank You for any pointers...

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