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From "B. F." <>
Subject mod_dbd issues in worker vs prefork mpm
Date Fri, 07 Nov 2008 14:24:00 GMT
Hi all,

I have recently started using the mod_dbd module for database
connection handling in my own module and a had slight hope that it
would perform better than a classic persistent connection approach.

Basically I am using the ap_dbd_acquire(request_rec*) function in a
handler function (in my own module) and then uses some of the apr_dbd
functions to fetch data from a PostgreSQL database, all this seems

When I run a performance test (using httperf) with the prefork mpm I
get numbers like ~100 requests/s.
However when I run the same test but now using the worker mpm, this
number drops to almost nothing...

As I understood it, the worker (or any threaded mpm) should make
mod_dbd/apr_dbd perform better as it enables functionality needing
multi threading (like connection pooling) while prefork limits mod_dbd
to only use a persistent connection strategy. Despite this the prefork
mpm performs better...

I have tried several different configuration setups without seeing any
great difference. A typical setup is however: 200 max_connections (in
postgresql.conf, the same for both the prefork and worker tests).
Having DBDMax set to 10 while setting ServerLimit to 20 should fully
make mod_dbd utilize all the 200 available connections in Postgres, is
that correct?

Another thing that suggets there is something wrong is that the load
while running the prefork test is overall high, while running the
worker test the system load is much lower.

Some system details that might or might not be of interest:
- Apache 2.2.9 (from Fedora 8 package)
- APR 1.2.11
- APR-Util 1.2.10
- PostgreSQL 8.2.11
- Apache and PostgreSQL is running on the same server
- which is a virtual server with 6 available CPU cores, (only) 1GByte memory
- benchmarking utility of course run on another machine
- Linux kernel
- 64bit system

Greatly thankful for any hints as to how I could find the cause of
this and/or fix it.


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