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From "harish kulkarni" <>
Subject Memory leak in mod_proxy_http and in mpm_event components.
Date Sun, 19 Oct 2008 13:31:43 GMT
Hello All,

After spending quite some time on apache and components ( specifically
mod_proxy_http, mod_mem_cache etc) we have noticed some memory leaks which
we are publishing with attached patch.

The leak can be observed when requests are sent on keep-alive connection
without closing the connection. As long as the connection is open, in apache
we tend to allocate some memory from connection pool for processing each
request. So when you have more requests per connection you tend to see
apache consuming more memory. If we release the connection and we see that
apache frees the memory and don't see this leaks impact.

I have also attached plots ( thanks to Paul for good article )
on memory utilization of apr pools which clearly show the issue. The plots
are drawn using apr pool logs collected with and without the attached patch
for 25K requests on one connection.

Please help us to know if there is any issue with this patch, we have found
this patch working at high loads for long time period confirming the patch
doesn't break code and also see that without closing the connection with
more requests we don;t see any big time leaks.

But we are not sure if this patch breaks any of the features apache has
implemented, which we are not aware of.

thanks to every on apache support.


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