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From "Andrej van der Zee" <>
Subject Apache modification questions
Date Fri, 05 Sep 2008 03:11:39 GMT

I am about to modify Apache with some custom logging for GET/POST
requests (and more). It is for the purpose of research. If possible, I
would like to get some guidance in how to implement my ideas. I will

Every GET/POST request to Apache will carry a request identifier.
Adding the identifier to the request is the responsibility of the
developer of the web page. In Apache (NOT the CGI application)  I
would like to extract the identifier from the request and write it to
a log together with timestamp, request serve time and some specific
information about the thread/process that handles the request. The CGI
application serving the request should be untouched! I have two issues
I would like to get some comments about, if possible:

1) What is the "recommended" way to carry the GET/POST request
identifier (inserted by the developer of the web page) from the client
to Apache? Add a custom HTTP header? Or should I do it in GET/POST
variables? Any other alternatives?
2) I do need to "attach" to the thread/process handling the request to
extract information just after starting and just before ending. Can I
do this in an Apache module? I found the ap_hook_child_init() function
but no similar exit()-function. Moreover, I need to access the request
identifier and log to a file. Can all this be done in an Apache

Hope you can help!


Andrej van der Zee
2-40-19 Koenji-minami
Suginami-ku, Tokyo
166-0003 JAPAN
Mobile: 0031-(0)80-65251092
Phone/Fax: 0031-(0)3-3318-3155

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