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From "Himadri Sarkar" <>
Subject Apache Module + C Sockets
Date Wed, 24 Sep 2008 07:08:14 GMT

I am new to apache module development and need some help.

I have a search application which runs on port 8100. My C Socket client
connects to this port, writes query to server, reads result from server and
displays it on the console as given in desired_output.txt.

Now I have written an apache module to do the same task (mod_helloworld.c).
But it displays the output in the format as given in current_output.html. In
this output every 4th character starting from first matches the desired
output and rest is some special character. I have tried reading output via
wide characters (wchar_t) too, but with same result. Is there any function
in apache module by which we can directly write wide characters to html or
is there some other solution to this problem. Any help in this regard will
be higly appreciated.



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