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From "Sorin Manolache" <>
Subject Re: apr_open_file and apr_write_file in post_read_request and log_transaction
Date Tue, 09 Sep 2008 15:33:43 GMT
On Tue, Sep 9, 2008 at 17:21, Andrej van der Zee
<> wrote:
>> Maybe you fail to open the file and the error is not logged correctly.
> Write
>> ap_log_error(APLOG_MARK, APLOG_ERR, 0, r->server, "Failed to create
>> resource log file: %s", req_cfg->filepath);
>> instead of
>> ap_log_error(APLOG_MARK, APLOG_ERR, 0, NULL, "Failed to create
>> resource log file: %s", req_cfg->filepath);
> What is the difference if I use r->server?

If the the server_rec * parameter of ap_log_error is null then the
message is logged to stderr_log. I am not sure if stderr_log is the
stderr file descriptor or if apache redirects it to something else.
When I test with NULL I don't get the message in my log file. You can
look at server/log.c, the log_error_core function, in the sources of


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