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From Ray Morris <>
Subject Re: Apache modification questions
Date Fri, 05 Sep 2008 16:10:08 GMT
   As another poster said, a standard CGI 
script runs in a different processes and you 
can't generally muck with the address space 
of that process.  To effect that script, what 
you can do is change it's inputs and it's 
outputs.  Your module can add, remove, or 
alter the query string, path info, translate the URL, 
etc. Then you can also filter the output from 
the script to change it before it's sent to
to the browser.

   I get an odd feeling here about something.
I get the feeling that you may get better 
results by going back to a higher level view 
of your problem.  You're thinking about how to 
attach to the CGI process but you don't yet have 
enough information to know if that would be a 
good way to achieve your goal, for example. 
As a matter of fact an Apache module may well 
not be what you need.  I suggest that you go 
back and look at the actual business goal you're 
trying to achieve and perhaps email me about it 
off list as I may be able to help you find the 
right general approach and then point you in 
the right direction. 
Ray B. Morris

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