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From "Harold J. Ship" <>
Subject RE: Global Data
Date Thu, 28 Aug 2008 05:16:23 GMT
>> I'm in the middle of porting an application from IIS/Windows to
Apache 2.2 module.
>> In the application, there is a lot of global data. The data contains
>> - application configuration that is read on startup and on receiving
>> certain HTTP request to reload
>> - per-request data that is shared between certain requests with
>> Other important information:
>> - The config data is very large, many MB
>> - The data structures are built with a lot of pointers to structs to
pointers ...
>> - We are using the worker MPM.

> I believe this is sort of an ugly hack, but if you're not expecting
too much traffic to your
> application, you may limit the number of child processes of the worker
MPM to just 1. That way, you > can safely use global data in your
module, since all threads of that process will share the same
> memory space.

This is, in fact, what we are doing. We are using the Worker MPM forced
to 1 process with 128 threads. We may change the number of threads as

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