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From "William A. Rowe, Jr." <>
Subject Re: What should i do to bring attention to the bug?
Date Mon, 25 Aug 2008 21:03:50 GMT
Kevac Marko wrote:
> What can i possibly do and what i should do to bring some attention to
> opened bug?

Posting to the dev list is a good thing.  modules-dev is not the dev list,
this list is for discussion of third party module development.  A number
of the core developers follow this list, but certainly not all, and perhaps
not the ones you need to excite about this proposed feature.

If this were an API change, modules-dev would be a good place to start
(to get other module developers excited about the suggestion).  But since
this is a config/userland change, is the way to go.

> Patch attached, so i need some review and testing, something...
> I would really like to see this feature in httpd.

One thing patch authors can do is to integrate the testing of their patch
(be it a bug fix or proof of successful new feature), the framework lives in

It's not mandatory, but might help a developer less familiar with the
internals of that code to prove to themselves that the suggested patch
is right.

> Bug i am talking about is here:

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