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From "Kevac Marko" <>
Subject ap_auth_type(r) problem
Date Sat, 21 Jun 2008 15:52:02 GMT

I have modified mod_cache slightly and wrote auth module. mod_mycache
and mod_myauth for example.

I want to be able to check permissions when using cache, so i have
added hook in mod_mycache and implemented it in mod_myauth.

Problem is that this hook should be executed only if AuthType mine is
specified in httpd.conf <Location>. So i wanted to check
ap_auth_type(r) in hook as i do it in my auth module main function.

But it occured that in hook ap_cache_auth is NULL, and in mod_myauth
main function it is "mine".

Why? And what should i do?

Maybe it is somehow connected with fact that mod_mycache is executed
from quick handler?

С уважением, Кевац Марко
Sincerely yours, Kevac Marko
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