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From Chris Kukuchka <>
Subject Re: ap_rwrite
Date Thu, 29 May 2008 21:38:17 GMT
Mike O'Leary wrote:
> Thanks for the info.  I assume that ap_rwrite is writing directly to the
> client which you mention is bad.  What is the preferred method and why is
> the ap_rwrite not preferred?  Pardon me, I'm a newb.

Again, this is assuming you are writing an Apache 2 module.  There are 
other uses for the ap_rwrite function beyond that.

For information on the preferred method to pass data to a client within 
an Apache 2 module, visit the "Introduction to Buckets and Brigades" 
link from the Developer Documentation found here:

Also, try looking through the source code of a standard modules which 
has an application parallel to what you are attempting.  This is a great 
way to get a feel for the actual application of the data handling 

Even better for a newb would be to check out "The Apache Modules Book" 
(search for "apache modules book").  From what I understand, 
it does a wonderful job of explaining all aspects of creating an Apache 

FYI, I do not get anything from the sale of the book.  However, it has 
garnered enough positive feedback to be considered a worthy reference.

Lastly, you might try explaining what you are attempting to do here.  
There is a great chance you are going over a road which has already been 
traveled.  An experienced traveler might grace you with an even better 
option than you would come up with yourself or at least explain the 
folly of your ways.


Chris Kukuchka
Sequoia Group, Inc.

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