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From Issac Goldstand <>
Subject Re: Reading data from Request Body - Twice!!
Date Sat, 03 May 2008 17:29:06 GMT

Nick Kew wrote:
> On Fri, 2 May 2008 14:17:54 -0400
> "Subra A Narayanan" <> wrote:
>> Now if the MD5 checksum passes and now I want to read the data again,
>> how would i do it? I cannot use the above function again, right?
>> 'ap_should_client_block' has already told the client once to send the
>> entire data once.
> You need to save the data somewhere.  With big uploads like that,
> it would be ridiculous for either apache or your app to try and
> buffer them in memory.
>> Reading the data once, computing the MD5, caching it and then reusing
>> the cached data if the checksum passes is one option, but I dont want
>> to do that for a variety of reasons.
> So where do you suppose all that data will be squirreled away
> between computing md5 and using it the second time?


It'll save variables and spool any uploaded files to disk for your 


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