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From Chris Kukuchka <>
Subject Re: need some help with module that does not work on linux
Date Tue, 29 Apr 2008 01:34:51 GMT
Graham Dumpleton wrote:
> Although you can get access to argv[], you can only change the value
> of argv[0], at least for the purposes of effecting the output from
> 'ps'. This is because that argv[] is not the original argv[] and thus
> modules could have substituted the program arguments, ie., argv[1] and
> beyond. This means that any value you substitute must fit into the
> original length of argv[0] and cannot flow over into the additional
> arguments.

Wouldn't this just mean you need to be further up the food chain.  From 
my read of the module structure, I see a rewrite_args hook.  This hook 
runs from main.c shortly after the creation of the process structure and 
the inventory of the prelinked modules.  In theory, you just need make 
sure the module is linked into Apache in such a fashion as to get first 
grab at the args.

Of course all bets are off if the goal is to have a dynamically loaded 
module such as mod_wsgi.


Chris Kukuchka
Sequoia Group, Inc.

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