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From Joe Lewis <>
Subject Re: perform a redirect in output filter
Date Thu, 17 Apr 2008 13:05:19 GMT
John Zhang wrote:
> I am using apache 2.0/2.2, in my output filter, I
> would like to have the ability to redirect.  Some
> tests indicated that I can redirect to a page on the
> same site, but not to an external site.
> Here is my code for redirect:
> char* location = 
>     apr_table_get(r->headers_out, "Location");
> //Note this Location is set by my filter during the
> process, so I know I need to do a redirect.
> if(location && location[0])
> {
>   //r->status = 301;
>   r->method = apr_pstrdup(r->pool, "GET");
>   r->method_number = M_GET;
>   apr_table_unset(r->headers_in, "Content-Length");
>   ap_remove_output_filter(my_filter);
>   ap_internal_redirect_handler(location, r);
>   return APR_SUCCESS;
> }
> //tests: (if my site is http://localhost/foo)
> and when http://localhost/foo/bar.html (my test
> page)is loaded I want to redirect it to
> a) /foo/foo2/existing.html (works)
> b) http://localhost/foo/foo2/existing.html (works)
> c) (does not work), instead I
> get http://localhost/foo displayed on the browser.
> Is there anything I did is incorrect?  I noticed the
> method is called "*internal_redirect*", but did not
> know another one for "external redirect".

An internal redirect should only work with internal redirects, and I do 
not know of an external.

I expect that you will have to set the f->r->status to 302, and maybe 
return a small page saying that the doc moved.  Have you uncommented the 
r->status line and commented out the internal_redirect line?  How did 
that work?  (Note: an output filter, probably shouldn't be calling a 
handler.  You may want to destroy the bucket brigade, and then create a 
new bucket brigade with the error message.)

Joseph Lewis <>

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