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From Ray Morris <>
Subject Re: mass virtual hosting and error-logging
Date Fri, 25 Apr 2008 13:06:33 GMT
   If you do set DOCUMENT_ROOT, it would be great 
if you made that change in the mass virtual hosting 
module, which would fix the problem for all users 
of the module, rather than doing so in a seperate, 
possibly unrelated module.  Just yesterday we had 
to deal with a bunch of hassle because it doesn't
set document_root correctly.
Ray B. Morris

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On 04/25/2008 06:44:26 AM, Robert Schulze wrote:
> Hi,
> if one uses a module, which uses the translate_name hook to set 
> documentroot on request basis, would it also be possible to set the 
> location of the error log on request basis?
> Or is there a hook to perform that error-logging with?
> In the server_rec struct there is a field called error_log. I know -
> it 
> would not be threadsafe - but it should be possible to update that
> field 
>   upon every request, shouldn't it?
> with kind regards,
> Robert Schulze

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