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From "Albert Lash" <>
Subject Re: Building a module for Apache 2.2
Date Sun, 30 Mar 2008 21:16:50 GMT
Hi Samuel,

I've had decent luck working on Apache modules by reverse engineering
some of the core modules as well written examples.

I agree more "newbie friendly" development docs are needed, but at the
moment I feel that its not a huge priority. Apache's making some
incredible strides with a few of the core modules like rewrite, proxy,
dbd, and caching. With those all up to snuff, they'll offer module
developers and even more amazing platform to work with, and will be
prime time to feed them instructions.

Good luck!


On Sun, Mar 30, 2008 at 3:47 PM, Samuel Gomez <> wrote:
> Thanks Nick.
>  I found WHAT I was searching:
>  step 4
>  Seems that instructions in
> are
>  outdated for Apache 2.2 module developing.
> maybe a good resource for
>  familiarized people, but not for the crowd. I miss some official "Build
>  your first module"; kind of "Hello world module" with the very updated
>  instructions and references. If we don't take care for noob developers,
>  Microsoft will do.
>  Samuel

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