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From Joe Lewis <>
Subject Re: Sending large file as attachment to clients
Date Tue, 25 Mar 2008 15:41:55 GMT
Subra A Narayanan wrote:
> Thanks for the replies guys. I will try ur suggestions once I get to work
> today. Just a few more questions:
>> Check out the various filter/bucket brigade examples. This may do just
>> what you want. I've used it to 'gate' the final sending for things ike
>> throttling and keeping buggy telco bearer boxes happy.
> Dirk: Do you remember any filter/bucket off the top of ur head that I can
> look at?

I would suggest perusing the source code for Nick Kew's mod_csv - a 
module that takes the contents of a .csv file and generates an HTML 
table.  It utilizes bucket brigade creation.

You should find a lot of useful bits of code in there.  I'd still 
suggest the simple loop to see if that works better.

>> Samuel was aiming the right direction.  If you can read in pieces of the
>> data to send, you should be able to loop over that reading a chunk of
>> data, then sending it, then reading a chunk the same size (same block,
>> for example), and continuing until the data has been sent.  Try that to
>> see if you obtain a different result.
> Joe: Do you mean this:
> while(!EOF)
> {
>    Read chunk of data;
>    ap_rwrite(objBuffer, bufferLen, request);
> }
> Can I use the ap_rwrite function for sending chunks of data too? Or should I
> be using some other function in the API for this?
> I will test out these suggestions and report my findings asap.
> Thanks!
That is exactly what I meant.  The ap_rwrite is a function I recently 
had to use for a file synchronization plugin for Apache, and it worked 
quite well (just my opinion, though).  Test both to see which ways work 
faster, and which ways are just easier to understand.


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