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From "Charles Fry" <>
Subject Re: sending provisional response codes from a filter
Date Fri, 08 Feb 2008 18:37:13 GMT
I wasn't using ap_send_interim_response, though I'll take a look at
it. I just used the code previously posted on this thread, copied
straight from http_filter's sending of 100 Continue responses. And it
works just fine as is. :-)

As for Joe's question, I don't have a patch that fixes things, but
rather the contrary: I had to remove a patch I had added that broke
things. Specifically, I had added a 103 entry to status_lines in
http_protocol *without* updating the LEVEL[2-5]00 #defines, which led
ap_index_of_response to use my new 103 instead of a 200, completely
confounding my ability to decipher what was going on, since I thought
that the 103 was coming from my own code (which it wasn't as my filter
wasn't properly loaded). In other words, I had created a false trail
which was becoming increasingly difficult to follow, because I was
misparsing the output it generated.


On Feb 8, 2008 12:03 PM, Nick Kew <> wrote:
> On Fri, 8 Feb 2008 11:46:18 -0500
> "Charles Fry" <> wrote:
> > All right. I finally resolved this, and it ends up the code works just
> > fine, it's just that the input filter wasn't set properly, but I
> > didn't notice due to the spurious 103 I was observing due to my
> > modification of http_protocol. Whew.
> Great.  Saves thinking about whether I'd have anything useful to say.
> Are you using the (new) ap_send_interim_response API function,
> or is the response embedded in your filter?
> --
> Nick Kew
> Application Development with Apache - the Apache Modules Book

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