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From "Charles Fry" <>
Subject sending provisional response codes from a filter
Date Thu, 07 Feb 2008 18:54:18 GMT

We are working to prototype a protocol that requires multiple
provisional response codes (103 in this case) to be sent to the
client, serving as checkpoints for large client to server transfers.
Being new to Apache module development, we are trying to determine the
correct way to do this. So far I have an input filter which attempts
to send a 103 by duplicating the code ti send 100s in
modules/http/http_filters.c, and so far I've observed two types of
unexpected behavior. First of all, the 103 turned into a 200 unless I
added a new line for 103 to modules/http/http_protocol.c. So my first
question is: is there a way to send 1xx response codes > 102 without
modifying this?

Second, even after adding 103s to http_protocol, and duplicating the
100 code from http_filters, the result was that rather than generating
a 103 followed by the final response (200 in my tests), the the status
code of the final response simply became 103.

I'll continue reading through the code in my efforts to understand
what is really going on, but I wanted to ping this list in case
someone with deeper Apache understanding could help short-circuit my


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