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From Marco Spinetti <>
Subject Write to client directly
Date Mon, 25 Feb 2008 10:58:27 GMT
I'd like to know if it's possibile to write directly to the client.
Actually in my module handler (apache 2.2) I have:

ap_set_content_type(r, "text/html");
ap_rwrite(bufptr, size, r);

where bufptr is obtained by libxslt xsltSaveResultToString.
Because it's possibile to write the output of the transform to stdout 
directly, I'd like to know if I could delete the bufptr creation.
The libxml2 function to write to stdout is:

xsltSaveResultToFile(stdout, ....);

So could I write in my module something like this below?
ap_set_content_type(r, "text/html");
xsltSaveResultToFile(stdout, ....);

Best regards

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