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From Jarek Kucypera <>
Subject Re: ap_get_brigade hangs when submitting a muitipart/form-data
Date Sat, 16 Feb 2008 15:22:56 GMT
>> ap_get_brigade is designed to be used in input filters.
>> If you want read request data in your content handler, you 
>> must use ap_should_client_block and ap_get_client_block.
> There are lots of modules that ship with Apache that are using
> ap_get_brigade, and the source code for ap_get_client_block specifically
> warns against using ap_get_client_block. So, I believe the above is not
> true.

In 2.2.2 ap_get_client_block is the official api, i believe the same in 
2.2.8, my opinion is to
obey apis or once you get into trouble when upgrading.
The modules using ap_get_grigade happen to come from the authors of the 
api, so it looks
like they just now, how to navigate "under the surface" of the api.


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