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From "Graham Dumpleton" <>
Subject Re: Is there are any way to know if the request is regular (http) or SSL (https) in a module?
Date Tue, 18 Dec 2007 03:00:15 GMT
On 18/12/2007, Sander Temme <> wrote:
> On Dec 17, 2007, at 6:36 PM, Eric Covener wrote:
> >> I would like to know the request type in my module
> >> (handler/filter), is there any way to know that (HTTP
> >> vs HTTPS)?
> >
> > apr_table_get(r->subprocess_env, "HTTPS")  might be  what you want
> That gets set in the Fixup hook, relatively late in the request
> processing process.  You could call ap_http_scheme(r) to run the
> request scheme hook, which will return "https" if SSL is disabled or
> optional on the vhost that accepted the request.

Or better still, use the function registered by the ssl module for the purpose:

APR_DECLARE_OPTIONAL_FN(int, ssl_is_https, (conn_rec *));
static APR_OPTIONAL_FN_TYPE(ssl_is_https) *wsgi_is_https = NULL;


   if (!wsgi_is_https)
        wsgi_is_https = APR_RETRIEVE_OPTIONAL_FN(ssl_is_https);

    if (wsgi_is_https && wsgi_is_https(r->connection))
        apr_table_set(r->subprocess_env, "HTTPS", "1");

Ie., HTTPS is set by the above sort of process, but as pointed out
that is done only in fixup phase, but you can call the ssl_is_https()
function direct if in earlier phase.


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