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From John Zhang <>
Subject Re: apache 2.0.61 do not read config settings
Date Fri, 02 Nov 2007 18:58:46 GMT

--- Joe Lewis wrote:
> Comment out the IfModule pieces surrounding your
> directive just to
> eliminate one more thing.  How do we know that the
> problem is the
> directive itself, when it could be that apxs
> compiled it with a
> different "my_mod.c" definition and the IfModule is
> what is really
> preventing your directive from being called?
> If that doesn't reveal anything additional, try
> providing us with the
> my_func function (and at least the declaration).
Thanks Joe,
    Commenting out the IfModule does make it work! 
Now, how do I figure out the EXACT module name?  I am
still in the early stage of using apache.

Here are some of the config stuff

LoadModule my_module "C:/foo/.../"
<IfModule my_module>
   MyName foo
</IfModule> is compiled against apache 2.2 first (and
the above config structure worked).  When I tried
apache 2.0, I merely pointing the *.lib and *.h files
to the apache 2.0 folders (to generate the
for apache 2.0).

Thanks again for your help any further suggestions.

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