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From "Brooks Sizemore" <>
Subject apr_memcache and get_server_line()
Date Sat, 03 Nov 2007 04:39:43 GMT

I've written a custom module that interacts with memcache using the
apr_memcache library. I find that most of the time it works
beautifully, but it seems to be giving me some problems now that I'm
introducing some load in to the module.

What's happening is that after a period of time, all
apr_memcache_set() calls are failing with APR_EGENERAL, presumably
because the buffer from get_server_line() doesn't contain either
"STORED" or "NOT_STORED", which doesn't make any sense: my memcached
server is healthy, and I can clearly see "STORED" when sniffing
packets between Apache and memcached.

Sending a SIGHUP to the parent process clears things up, and
apr_memcache_set() calls begin returning properly.

I've been reading about the memory leak found in apr_memcache
(, and I'm not sure whether
or not my issue could possibly be caused by this. Has anyone had
similar experiences?


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