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From Joe Lewis <>
Subject Re: Handler Problems
Date Wed, 07 Nov 2007 14:21:07 GMT
Mike O'Leary wrote:
> Gabriel,
> This does not seem to fix my problem.  I'm surprised; I thought something
> like this shoud work.  And I did try something like this with the Directory
> directive.  Playing with it some more last night, I found that if I manually
> did a
> SetHandler cgi-script
> in my cgi-bin directory (in httpd.conf) and had my module return DECLINED
> for any cgi-bin requests that I would get the cgi scripts to behave
> appropriately.  This is the only way I've gotten it to work thus far.  I was
> just hoping for an easier solution.

Unfortunately, there isn't.  If you override / with your handler, it
will try overriding the /cgi-bin/ directory, which is why what happened
actually happened.  I'd suggest (for the cgi-bin directory) two things :

  - Add some directives for your module so that you can configure which
directories it needs to parse.  For example "IgnoreSubDirs /site/
/cgi-bin/", then let the handler return declined for each of those.

  - Don't set the handler to automagically run on all requests - just
register the handler and let the SetHandler do the dirty work for you.

Joseph Lewis <>
"Divide the fire, and you will sooner put it out." - Publius Syrus

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