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From Nick Kew <>
Subject Re: The problem with mod_dav..
Date Sun, 04 Nov 2007 23:44:25 GMT
On Sun, 04 Nov 2007 20:30:59 +0000
Karl Southern <> wrote:

> .. is that if you want to add further methods then mod_dav itself
> needs to be modified. I spoke briefly with Nick on IRC a few days ago
> and the inference appeared to be that I was right and things needed
> to change with mod_dav. Or I needed to basically emulate half of the
> behaviour found in mod_dav already. Which seems to be pointless.

I'm sure I didn't put it quite like that.  But I do agree that mod_dav
could use some more work in places:-)

> Right now I've only got one /partially/-sane idea whereby mod_dav gets
> completely ripped to pieces and the provider api gets replaced by a
> new one where a provider module can itself register functions against
> methods i.e. something like dav_hook_reg("METHODNAME",
> functionpointer, ...) which would register an entry in a linked list,
> for that provider, within mod_dav. The mod_dav handler would then
> traverse this list and execute the relevant hook(s).
> Can anyone see any big flaws with that? Other than breaking every dav
> provider?

Not at 11:40 on a sunday night after a rather pleasant rioja:-)
Though ISTR somewhere in mod_dav where that could indeed make sense.

However, if you're suggesting improvements to mod_dav, you should
really be on dev@httpd, which is where any changes would have to
be decided.

Nick Kew

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