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From "Julian Williams" <>
Subject Problem setting new HTTP headers from an input filter
Date Wed, 10 Oct 2007 11:31:28 GMT
I have written an Apache module that controls access depending on
whether a token is present in the request - normally as an HTTP
cookie. I have recently had to modify the module to include an input
filter which will spot the token if included in the body of a POST
request - the SOAP/xml call to a web service. This works OK.

I also need to create some new headers that include user data
extracted from the token. The objective is that the new headers are
easily picked up as server variables in the application environment.
My code uses calls to apr_table_set to create the headers e.g.

	apr_table_set(r->subprocess_env, "HTTP_SAMS_USER", uid);

Whilst this code works fine at the _access_checker stage, it seems to
have no effect at the input filter processing stage and the extra
headers aren't picked up by the cgi application / web service.

Is it just not possible to modify the headers at this point in the
processing 'pipeline' or is there a different way that I can do it?

Many Thanks,

Julian Williams

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