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From "Brooks Sizemore" <>
Subject apr_dbm problems
Date Tue, 21 Aug 2007 17:56:49 GMT

I'm hoping this is the right place for questions like this. I'm writing a
module that relies on apr_dbm to write entries to a Berkeley DB file (in
apr_dbm, DB) on local disk. In my experience so far, it doesn't seem to work
within an Apache module. To be sure the apr_dbm code worked at all, I wrote
a standalone APR utility that would add and list the contents of a bdb file,
and that worked without problems.

As I understand it, BDBs have a fairly sophisticated locking scheme, so I
wasn't sure if I needed a mutex on each dbm store, or if that was handled at
a lower level.

My questions are:
* Can I have multiple writers? i.e. multiple apr_dbm_open_ex() with
* Do I need to set up process/thread mutexes for writes?

Here's a snippet from my test module:

    timestr = apr_itoa(r->pool, apr_time_sec(apr_time_now()));
    key.dptr  = timestr;
    key.dsize = strlen(timestr);

    value.dptr  = "bdbtest";
    value.dsize = 7;

    rv = apr_dbm_open_ex(&dbm, "DB", "/tmp/bdbtest.db", APR_DBM_RWCREATE,
APR_OS_DEFAULT, r->pool);

    if (rv != APR_SUCCESS) {
        ap_rputs("Could not open SDB for writing", r);
        return OK;

    rv = apr_dbm_store(dbm, key, value);

    if (rv != APR_SUCCESS) {
        ap_rputs("Couldn't store key in SDB", r);
        return OK;

Upon futher inspection (both within a module and the standalone APR util), I
don't see that the key/value pair has been added. apr_dbm_store() is
returning APR_SUCCESS.

Any ideas about what I could be doing wrong?


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