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From Arturo 'Buanzo' Busleiman <>
Subject Re: Storing Session Information
Date Mon, 06 Aug 2007 22:00:39 GMT
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Nick Kew wrote:
> Is that really necessary on a mailing list?

I'll follow the's mailing list guidelines. Url for them?

>> Is anyone aware of any apache modules that is using mod_dbd, or other
>> methods, to store session information? I'm adding session management
>> to mod_openpgp, and was wondering about the best and most flexible
>> (for mod_openpgp's end-user) options.

> What kind of session information?  SQL is a big overhead unless
> you need a complex structure.  Can you use DBM or memcache?

Did you notice the ", or other methods, " just after asking about mod_dbd? I'm looking for
group's feedback :) - I need flexibility. This flexibility should provide different options
depending on what the user needs: low overhead, low memory/disk usage, scalability, etc.

> But yes, it's perfectly feasible.  Just map your session management
> to database operations (i.e. design what you need to do), then
> code it.

I didn't ask for feasibility. Of course it is feasible. It's programming.

> [I presume you have a need for serverside session information
> to be shared across all workers, or you wouldn't have asked.]

You're quite right, as usual.

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