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From Farokh Irani <>
Subject Re: APXS question
Date Mon, 23 Jul 2007 00:45:07 GMT
>  > I've tried it by using different files (ie .slo and .lo files), but I
>  > get the same error.
>You want to installthe '*.so' file from the '.libs' directory. But be
>careful: that name depends on the platform.

Tried that, and no go.

>  > Any ideas? I'd really rather not have apxs recompiling every single
>>  file each time.
>Does your compilation really take _that_ long. Looks like a severe case
>of premature Makefile optimization to me.

Not with just the two files I'm playing with, but in short order 
there will be something like 100 files in the module (this is a port 
of a plug-in from an old version of WebSTAR) and then it will 
certainly take a while :(

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