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From Farokh Irani <>
Subject Re: APXS troubles
Date Fri, 20 Jul 2007 05:04:47 GMT
>On Thu, 2007-07-19 at 10:41 -0400, Farokh Irani wrote:
>>  Did you get the file OK and have you had a chance to look at it?\
>Yes and yes - even so it was binhexed ...

Whoops. Sorry about that.

>I allready replied yesterday evening - no idea why you didn't get my
>Anyway - indeed there is a bug in APXS. Unless your input files have the
>extention '.c' APXS won't invoke libtool in compile mode (hence it's
>missing from your trace). Libtool in link mode will just create an empty
>library ...
>The easy fix is to rename the files from '*.cpp' to '*.c' (no, '*.cc'
>doesn't work either). If you find the time you might want to report the
>bug to the APXS maintainers, the important lines are these:
>---*----- apxs (line 351 ff.) --------------*-.--
>if ($opt_c) {
>     ##
>     ##
>     #   split files into sources and objects
>     my @srcs = ();
>     my @objs = ();
>     my $f;
>     foreach $f (@args) {
>         if ($f =~ m|\.c$|) {  <---------------- Here, bad coder! BAD!

OK, is there a quick fix I can do to make it work with cpp files? I tried:
if (($f =~ m|\.c$|) || if ($f =~ m|\.cpp$|))
but that didn't seem to work. I also tried:
if ($f =~ m|\.cpp$|)
and that didn't work either. I don't know perl at all, so those were 
stabs in the dark. Any pointers on that would be appreciated.


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