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From Richard Hubbell <>
Subject Re: modules dev docs, porting docs
Date Tue, 24 Jul 2007 17:15:29 GMT

--- Tim Bray <Tim.Bray@Sun.COM> wrote:

> On Jul 24, 2007, at 9:36 AM, Richard Hubbell wrote:
> > Just finished a porting project of a module from
> > 1.3->2.2.4 and I found information scattered all
> over
> > and eventually found what I needed.  I thought
> that I
> > just didn't have the "right" link or something to
> the
> > docs. I guess my expectations may have been too
> high.
> > It seems like a project like httpd.apache with
> it's
> > millions of users wold have a much more mature set
> of
> > docs.  The httpd 2.2.4 doxygen stuff was hosted
> > off-site and those were a life-saver. The APR docs
> > helped a bunch too.  But the docs don't seem to
> match
> > the popularity and ubiquity of the project. Anyone
> > disagree? Or have I missed something?
> > I will help with docs where I can.
> As one who wrote some modules for 1.3 a few years
> back, and recently  
> returned to write one for 2.2, I found the
> documentation to be pretty  
> weak, and (what's worse) mod_example is simply
> incorrect; it should  
> be fixed or removed.  If I get some cycles to invest
> in docs, I'll  
> start with mod_example on the theory that examples
> are the best  
> tutorials.

Yep, bad docs are worse than none.  I only looked at
code that was working.

> The saving grace is that the httpd & modules code is
> generally very  
> transparent and readable.  In every case, when I was
> puzzled as to  
> (a) what does apr_furgle_brolly() really do?  or (b)
> how do I  
> accomplish XXX? I was able to track the answer down
> by poking around  
> *.[ch].

Yep, used the source, plenty, but that's rarely
I also tried to post here, but was unable to.  I never
discovered why. I think I subscribed 2 weeks ago and
the two previous messages I sent to this list went
missing.  No response from the list owner, zippo.
There oughta be more than one moderator/owner.

List owner, you there?
> Use the Source, Luke.  -Tim

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