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From "Sam Carleton" <>
Subject VOT: Tracking users
Date Wed, 20 Jun 2007 01:57:07 GMT

This is VERY off topic, but it is a Q for guru's and when I think of
web guru's I think of my fellow apache module developer.  If I am
totally out of line asking this here, please be a kind sole and give
me some guidance as to where I should be asking this question, fore I
know not where to ask other then here...

There is this web site I like to frequent.  For some reason it has
blocked my main workstation from being aloud to post on it.  When I
login with the same user id/password on any other machine, including
virtual machines I am able to post with no problem.

Initially I thought it was blocking based on cookies.  But both IE7
and Firefox are blocked on the same box.  Then I thought it was
blocking based on IP address, but my current network is behind a
OpenBSD firewall running NAT and any other machine behind the firewall
is able to post just fine.  Then I thought it was something else that
was browser specific, until I just installed the Safari client on the
main workstation and the first attempt to post with that browser was
ALSO blocked!

I even when so far as to think it might be using both the firewall's
IP address and the internal IP address of the workstation, so I
changed the internal IP address, still blocked, even though virtual
machines and other real machines behind the firewall/NAT server post
just fine.

So I am completed stumped,  how is this site blocking my one
workstation?  What piece of info being sent to the web server by all
three browsers that is a common, unique per OS instance?

Oh, I am running Win XP SP2.


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