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From Brad Harper <>
Subject apache as an application platform?
Date Mon, 11 Jun 2007 18:46:50 GMT

I'm attempting to scope out the amount and type of work necessary to
re-implement a legacy one-off server application. It is centered around
search and retrieval of content. The input is special-purpose and currently
being indexed by a home-grown technology that predates lucene or any other
of the OS alternatives.

I'm considering use of a stripped-down apache server using domain-specific
modules as the application platform, leveraging APR and pre-existing modules
for security, SSL, logging, etc. The search technology would become

The original app uses raw sockets to read a fit-to-purpose protocol and
returns content with a primitive payload header. With HTTP/HTTPS as a
protocol, I'm further considering re-implementation of this interface as a
web-service, using XML-RPC.

The original server is implemented in C++ of varying quality. The apache
route seems attractive, rather than a Tomcat re-write, since the caching,
thread-safety, security, etc. is largely handled by httpd. I'm hoping that
much of the domain-specific logic can be re-used and moved into modules.

Comments anyone? Pros? Cons? Has anyone attempted anything like this?


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