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From "Sam Carleton" <>
Subject Re: process pool does not work
Date Tue, 15 May 2007 10:43:25 GMT

I am VERY new at Apache Module writing, myself, but they always say
the best way to REALLY learn it is to teach it.  I am going to make a
guess at this one and I hope the true GURUs will correct me if I am

You did not mention anything about create per-server config
structures, are you?  I *think* that might be your problem.  One thing
I learned is that if you have directory configuration stuff, you do
need to implement the merge per-dir config to merge the server config
structure with the dir config structure.  That one took me some time;)

I hope this is helpful, if not, I KNOW the GURU's will chime in, once
they wake up;)


On 5/15/07, Zeus Capricorn <> wrote:
> Hi,folks.
>     i want to log the online user's ip in the apache memory and check it
> through a specific url.
>     first,I use ap_hook_process_connection to log the user's ip and the
> time,and i use ap_hook_handler to check the result.
>     in the callback function of ap_hook_process_connection,i allocate
> my_hash(a apr_hash_t) in the pool(c->base_server->process->pool) if my_hash
> is NULL,and set the c->remote_ip as key,a point to the time now as value.
>     in the callback function of ap_hook_handler,i use apr_hash_next() to get
> the value one by one.
>     it works not as what i supposed to do .every client which access my
> specific url can only see his own ip and time,not ALL the clients.
>     could someone help me ?should i use another pool,or something else?
>     thanks in advance.

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