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From "Graham Dumpleton" <>
Subject Re: Basics on generating content
Date Sun, 27 May 2007 22:27:31 GMT
On 28/05/07, Tim Bray <> wrote:
> On May 27, 2007, at 11:31 AM, Nick Kew wrote:

> >> Scenario:  I'm about to punt a request using HTTP_FORBIDDEN and I'd
> >> like to generate a helpful response body explaining why.
> >
> > The easy way is to delegate that to the admin with ErrorDocument.
> In general I'd agree, but in this particular case the code inside the
> module knows specifics about what's gone wrong, and can provide a
> high-quality error readout.

If using multilingual error documents, for some number of them if you
set 'error-notes' in request_rec->notes, then it will render that text
as part of the error page. This is because Apache treats 'error-notes'
as special and will translate that into a ERROR_NOTES attribute in
request_rec->subprocess_env for the sub request used to invoke an
ErrorDocument. The multilingual error documents, which use SSI, thus
pick up ERROR_NOTES and display it.

Your handler could also follow this convention and set 'error-notes'.
You could then supply your own ErrorDocument handler which picks up
ERROR_NOTES and similarly displays it.


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